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Christopher Bankston

Entrepreneur, Documentary Producer, TESOL


Thank you for visiting my website. I have worked as an advisor, entrepreneur, and award-winning entertainment producer.

I have founded four studios in the past: one for SEGA in Beverly Hills and three others co-founded by me in Beverly Hills, Munich, and Tokyo. All of these studios used state-of-the-art technology to combine game, film, and music technologies together back in the 1990's.

As an entertainmnet producer, I have produced more than 100 original products that can be can be heard, played, and watched around the world. My experience as an expat spans more than 20 years. I have lived and worked throughout Europe and Asia and have been responsible for the development of business management techniques to coordinate the successful development of products across multiple continents and platforms. Many of the products created have been best sellers and have received award recognition.

To learn more about me you can also visit my LinkedIn page.

June 11, 2017

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